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Deck Cleaning with Elite Property Wash

Every deck should be approached uniquely, as every deck is made from its own unique material.  We use quality products and soft washing techniques to safely clean decking. 


Our deck cleaning professionals use only products suited to your timber.

Deck cleaning is unlike any other household cleaning. Wet and damp weather can create a build-up of algae and moss, becoming dangerous for guests when slippery. To stop the wood from rotting and impacting the integrity of the structure, it’s important to maintain your area with a professional deck cleaning service.

We offer a wide range of property maintenance services that also include effective and fast deck cleaning solution. 

Deck Cleaning for More Great Gatherings

A beautiful deck is always a great addition to your home. Well maintained decking completes your interior and exterior flow and allows you to host dinner parties and family gatherings over the hot summer months. Meanwhile, as the weather gets darker and damper so can your deck. Keeping your deck clean over the winter months ensures that you are maintaining the value and look of your home while keeping visitors safe.

Hiring a deck cleaner to carry out these tasks means that you can maintain the quality of your property through both summer and winter.

Know The Difference Between Timbers

There is a wide range of timbers and each requires a specific way of maintenance. We know which solution works well on each different type of surface. Just like your clean floor inside your home, your deck should also be cleaned periodically. So that when you plan for a gathering, you don’t need to think of cleaning it in haste.

Why choose our professional deck cleaner service?

  • We use effective mould cleaning solutions, ensuring the complete removal of lichen, mildew and bacteria build-up on the surface.
  • We are experienced in cleaning commercial and residential properties.

The ideal way to keep the outside of your property tidy is to consider periodical deck cleaning service. To know more about our service, please feel free to call us at – 0800 927 4292

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