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Roof Cleaning with Elite Property Wash

We offer comprehensive roof cleaning & treatments. Elite Property Wash always uses the latest moss removal technology, removing all grimy and slimy objects from the surface of your property’s roof. 


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Safe and effective roof washing and treatment services. With New Zealand’s variable climate, it’s not uncommon to have a build-up of moss, lichen and grime over time. We have the tools and treatments to penetrate the surface of this dirt & keep your roof looking fresher for longer.

There are two options for your roof & they are as follows:

Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning involves washing your roof with medium-pressure water. This removes the dirt and grime for an instant clean result. 

If you have moss growth sometimes the best option is a roof treatment.

Roof Treatment

A roof treatment is normally the best option when your roof has moss growth.

This is where we apply moss and mould killing treatments to your roof which takes about 3 hours to penetrate. 

The treatment is left on the roof. Over a period of time, the moss will naturally come off your roof, leaving it moss free. 

This is the best option for removal of moss as a roof clean will not remove the moss permanently. We recommend a roof treatment programme every 2 years. 

Why choose our roof cleaning services?

We deliver an effective and fast cleaning solution
We use high standard moss and mould removal solutions
Our cleaning treatment will add life to your roof by removing the lichen and moss.

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